Our School

The mission statement of our school is…….

‘Living, Learning and Sharing in a loving Christian family’ (Acts 2: v42-47)

  1. To give each child the opportunity to develop to their full potential in academic, technical and social areas through a wide, balanced and sequential curriculum.
  2. To develop a caring community where children and adults learn respect and care for each other and for their school community.
  3. To know of Christian ideas and beliefs and respect those of other faiths.

We belong to the Diocesan Family of Church Schools and try hard to be distinctive.  As part of this we have identified some core Christian values that we try to live by.  We encourage our pupils to integrate these values in the classroom, on the playground and in their everyday lives.  So here at Longridge C of E Primary School, these are our important values that the children learn about: TRUTHFULNESS  Always telling the truth and being honest. FORGIVENESS Giving everyone a fresh start each day. COURAGE  Being brave when facing challenges. COMPASSION Understanding how other people feel. FRIENDSHIP Knowing that friends are important to all. PEACE  Valuing peace of mind for ourselves and others. TRUST Trusting in God, ourselves and others.