School Uniform

Our uniform is available from Mary Frances in Longridge as well as other high street retail suppliers. Please contact the school office if you are struggling to find certain uniform items and we’ll be willing to point you in the right direction. We also have a range of good condition pre-used uniform available free. We are keen to reduce waste and prevent good quality items going to landfill. Please email [email protected] or [email protected] with information about the items and sizes you require – we may be able to help!

If you are struggling financially to provide school uniform please find further information at

Church also tries to help families in times of financial hardship and may be able to help with uniform costs. Please contact Rev. Mike Barton for more information.

We encourage all children to wear the uniform, have a pride in their appearance and to look after themselves and their items of clothing.  Our uniform is simple – a mixture of white, red and grey.  Children are asked to wear school shoes please and not trainers.  Jewellery should not be worn although children with pierced ears are asked to wear studs only, please.


  • White polo shirt, shirt or blouse
  • Grey school trousers, pinafore or skirt
  • Red sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Grey tailored shorts can be worn in the summer months if preferred
  • Year 6 children may wear a grey school hoodie which can be ordered from Mary Frances
  • Black school shoes (not trainers or boots)

In the warmer months the following may be worn.

  • Grey tailored shorts
  • Red gingham dresses

PE Kit

PE Kits to be worn to school on the day of the child’s PE lesson. They are to wear the following:

    • Dark blue shorts or warm black/grey tracksuit bottoms for winter
    • Black pumps or black trainers
    • A school T shirt in the colour of their school team (available from Mary Frances)
    • A red PE hoodie (available at Mary Frances) or red school jumper

 A final request……….