The School Day

Daily Routines

  • Breakfast Club begins at 7.30am – please bring children to the school’s side entrance.
  • School opens at 8.50am – please use the entrance by the Durham Ox. Mrs Reid is on duty to see the children safely across the road from 8.30am. The children will line up on the playgrounds and be met by their teachers. If parents have a message to share with the teacher, this is the time to see them. Parents are asked not to come into school by the back doors but call in at the School Office with any enquiry.

“Get out of bed, please rise and shine! Longridge starts at TEN to NINE!”

  • School Worship begins at 11.05am.
  • If your child has not arrived at school by 9.10am and we have not heard from you, the Office staff will contact you.
  • Morning break is from 10.15am when we open the Tuck Shop – this sells fruit, drinks, toast, and raisins.
  • School Lunch from midday 12 – 1pm.
  • School closes at 3.30pm – the teachers will bring the children to the exit doors and check that they are all safely met – again, please use the exit by the Durham Ox.
  • School Clubs last until 4.30pm – please collect your children outside the main entrance on Berry Lane.
  • After School Club finishes at 5.45pm though parents can collect children at any time before then.

Weekly Routines

  • SUNDAY – Dinner money should be paid through our online system in advance please (£2.35 per day/£11.75 per week). Please see our office staff if you need help doing this.
  • Thursday – Swimming lessons at Clitheroe for Y6 (until Feb 2022)
  • FRIDAY – Church Worship (last Friday in the month) at 9.15am in St. Paul’s


  • Parents are asked to encourage and support their children to complete weekly homework tasks and to hear their children read at home for a few minutes each evening please.
  • Newsletters are sent home through ParentApp weekly in term time. These are also placed on Facebook.
  • Lost Property is collected into the big box outside the Breakfast / After School Club. Please name all items of school clothing so that, if lost, they can be returned.
  • Many clubs are run by the teachers in their own time. We expect children to attend regularly and if held after school, we will give as much notice of cancellation as possible.
  • Children are encouraged to look after their possessions (coats, lunch boxes, water bottles).
  • Children should not wear make-up or jewellery (although small stud earrings may be worn with pierced ears but should be removed for PE).
  • We are a school that actively encourages healthy eating – parents are asked to bear this in mind when sending snacks or making up lunch boxes – Thank you