Reception Class

The Summer Holidays are here!
We have reached the end of our first year in school, and what a year it has been! It has been great to see how much you have all grown and I can’t wait to see you all again in September. We will all be moving up to Year One together, with the exception of Mrs Lock who will be staying in Reception. Mrs R-W and I will be teaching in Year One and we are looking forward to working together.
In September, we will be recapping our learning from where we left in Reception and finishing off the year as quickly as we can. When we are ready, we will smoothly move into Year One work for the rest of the year. Mrs R-W and I know you all really well already, so we are confident that we will be back on track in no time at all.
Have a great Summer and if you have any questions or problems, you can email me at any time.

End Of Year Collection

On Wednesday, 15th July, Reception Class work will be ready to go home. Please collect your child’s carrier bag from the school office on this day.

All the home learning work will be left on the OneDrive, if you wish to complete any of it over the Summer Holidays.



Useful Websites for Early Years

The website has some guidelines for helping young children learn at home:


BBC Bitesize has launched today, but the provision only starts at the ‘5-7’ age range. These activities may be too difficult for our Reception class, but give them a try if you fancy something challenging. 

There is a useful ‘Phase 3 Phonics’ section which fits perfectly with our phonics sessions at the moment. Scroll down the ‘Primary Levels’ page and click on this icon: 

This link should take you straight there:


The White Rose Maths scheme is a brilliant resource and links perfectly to how we learn maths in class. Click on the link below which will take you straight to the Early Years page. You will see it is based around the fantastic book ‘Supertato’. You do not need the actual book to complete the activities, but you can find it online if you wish to read it. 

You can use these alongside the plans I have suggested (In the OneDrive) or, instead of.


This website is devised by the government and leans more towards the younger age group. In the 3-5 section there are ideas of simple communication activities you can do together, and if you scroll to the bottom of the page there is a list of excellent apps to try out.


Oxford Owl has an ever expanding e-library full of free books to read together. The ebook section is a bit tricky to navigate at first, but in the drop down menus you are looking for:

All ages: ‘Age 4-5’ or ‘5-6’

Book type: Choose any of these

Levels: Letters and Sounds Phase

Series: All series

The rest of the website is pretty self-explanatory, have a browse through the ‘kids activities’ tab and specify the correct age. 

Cookery Club 2020

Welcome, cookery club members! Here you will find the recipes we would have been following together over the last few weeks. Have a go at home, and see what you can come up with. You might not have all the ingredients listed, but just improvise and do your best. Don’t forget to wash your hands! 🙂 

A fresh recipe for you this week, dips and dunkers! They will go well with a delicious BBQ!

Dips and Dunkers 



Savoury Muffins

Homemade Pizza


Thankyou to everyone who has emailed me this week. Its great to see what you are all up to!

Miss Hennedy

This link will take you to a ‘One Drive’ folder. The folder will  contain a ‘timetable’ of activities for each day that we would be doing if we were in class. It also suggests activities you could do to match the learning at home. 


If you did not receive a pack sent from school, you can find it in this One Drive link:

Also, if you lose any of the logins for the online learning, they are in a file named ‘logins’. These are photographs of the originals, if they appear appear blurred, zoom in and the become clearer. If all else fails, email me!

Whether you are in school or at home, REMEMBER:  school finishes at 3.30pm! 🙂 

If you need us for anything, please email: 

I will do my best to reply as quickly as I can! 

Useful websites and You Tube feeds for EYFS:

Mr Mc – Early Years. Daily Phonics input at 11am each day.

Longridge Fire Station

Another busy week here in Reception, we have been on TWO visits this week. 

A big thankyou to Emma and Claire at Cromwell’s Cafe, who welcomed us on Wednesday. We looked around, met the customers and watched the ladies as they worked hard. We read their menus and talked about how to pay for things. We even got a special biscuit and a drink. Thankyou, ladies! 

We came back to class and set up or ‘Rainforest Cafe’ with new menus, new foods and money in the till. 

Our second visit was a trip to Longridge Library. Jon, Lynne, Catherine and Alex were waiting for us, where they read an exciting story called ‘The Cave’. We all have a copy of this story at home, so it was great to see it again! Once we listened to the story, we had a treasure hunt all around the library and we had to find the characters from the book. We also made some finger puppets out of paper. 

Thankyou, Longridge Library! We will visit again on World Book Day. 

Our new topic will be… People Who Help Us

We begin our learning by asking the big question: When? We will be visiting our local Fire Station and asking them all about what they do.

Key Words

These are the key words we will be using a lot over this half term:

emergency doctor nurse paramedic ambulance firefighter engine danger safety uniform help

We will be reading the Margaret Mayo book ‘Emergency!’ and looking closely at the rhyming words in it. Over the half term we will be reading and writing about a variety of people who help us everyday. Doctors, dentists, vets and lollipop ladies.

In Maths we will be counting wheels on vehicles, body parts and looking closely at measurements.

We are going to be learning about the importance of our emergency services and when it is necessary to call them.

Our ‘Jigsaw’ PSHE topic this half term is ‘Goals’. Look out for our Jigsaw certificate winners each week.

Our Staff

My name is Lisa Hennedy and I am the Reception Class Teacher. I have been teaching for 16 years, working across all Key Stages in Lancashire and Hampshire. I am an Early Years specialist and have spent the majority of my career teaching 4-5 years olds.  I live here in Longridge, so am looking forward to seeing you all out and about!

Our Teaching Assistant is Jennifer Lock who has been working in education for many years. Mrs Lock has extensive experience in Early Years, working in Reception classes and Special Schools. She works full time in our Reception class. Mrs Lock is responsible for the class every Wednesday afternoon whilst I am out of class.

We have a wonderful team of volunteers in Reception, who join us every week to listen to children read, play games and engage the children in fun activities. This term we have Mrs Dixon and  Mrs Kitching.

We Love Reading!

We begin our reading journey here in Reception, where we have access to variety of opportunities. We read together as a class, in small groups and individually. At home, we ask for your support to expose your child to as much as possible. 

In class, we will change all reading books on a Monday morning and again on a Thursday, ready for the weekend. Children will be heard read at various times during the week, so please make sure reading books come to school each day.

Our Active Day

We are very active in Reception, with our outdoor area and daily mile track in use daily. We have one set P.E. Friday. Please have a full P.E. kit on school for these sessions. We will send the kits home at the end of each half term for a wash.