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Design Technology – Longridge C of E Primary School

Design Technology

14th February 2019
Plenty of cheese on these pizzas!
All good chefs must taste their ingredients.

What a busy morning it has been in the Year One kitchen. For weeks now the children have been trying out different healthy foods and learning some new skills. They thought about what they were best at, then designed a meal they could prepare by themselves and cook (with just a bit of help).

We had oven-baked pizzas, freshly made omelettes, a variety of pasta dishes and a delicious vegetable soup made by Ronnie, Alfie and Katie Brunton. School smelt wonderful!

Well done to all children who were extremely sensible with the equipment and took their time to create what they had designed.

A big thankyou to Mrs Dixon, Mrs Slater and Mrs Gornall who guided our children through each stage.

Now….it’s time for tea!