Year 4

Welcome to class 4

School closure information

Dear Parents,

                   I am sure you are all aware by now that for the next 6 weeks we are on National Lockdown, and as a result of this, schools have been closed. Therefore, learning will now take place online.

Each day I will be putting 3 or 4 pieces of work on to our class one- drive. This will consist of a daily maths and English lesson, and 1 or 2 other activities from the rest of the year 4 curriculum. You can access these activities by logging on to the school website and clicking on the one drive link below

This will take you to a set of folders with dates on them. Click on the appropriate date to open the work for that day. I have put together a little lockdown pack for the children, consisting of a workbook, plain paper, a ruler and a pencil. This can be collected from school tomorrow.  Please can you send samples of work to me so I can look at them and give the children feedback. It is important to make sure the children are completing work and not getting behind. Please can you send samples to me at

I have also included the ‘Maths No Problem’ workbook for the children to work in. Please can they only do the pages asked of them, as we will continue to use this book on their return to school. For the greater depth group, some of the maths might be a little easy to begin with. Therefore, I have created a folder for them to have a try at some extra greater depth maths work. 

I will be available throughout the week if you have any concerns or if you need to pass on any relevant information. After a couple of weeks, I will give you a call just to check on wellbeing and discuss any problems you may have. 

Many thanks for all of your support throughout this very difficult time

Mr Nixon  (05/01/21)


Today we have received a letter from Downing Street, thanking the children for their efforts with the logo. I have put a copy on for you to read. Well done children!! I am very proud of you all

downing st letter (1)

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Spring Term 3 Curriculum

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Congratulations to Zoe, Hannah, Leah and Luisa on achieving your pen licence.