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Year 5 – Longridge C of E Primary School

Year 5

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Welcome back to the Spring Term! We had a lovely first day back and worked super hard on our new book Oliver Twist and topic ‘The Victorians’. However, from today, Tuesday 5th January 2021, the government has declared that all our schooling is to move to online learning until at least half term.

I will be putting up all the lessons we would have been doing in class on our Year 5 One Drive. There will be Maths and English every day, plus 1-2 other lessons a day.

You can get to our work by pressing the link below:

Go to the ‘Home Learning’ folder, click on ‘Spring 1’ and you will find the work for every week in there, starting with Week 1 this week.

To make things easier, I have put together a pack for you, which can be collected from school from tomorrow. This pack will include a general purple workbook (where you will do your English work and other subjects) and a green squared book (where you will do any maths work), as well as your Maths No Problem workbooks and any equipment you might need (please look after this, you will need to bring all equipment back to school with you when you come back!). Your parents do not have to print out any of the worksheets. They can do if they wish, however the work I’m uploading should be easy enough for you to do straight into your workbook without needing to print something off.

It is expected that all of you engage with and do the online work that is being put up. Maths and English are being put up daily so it is very important that you keep up with both of these subjects in particular, otherwise it is easy to fall behind! When you have finished your work, please take a photograph of it and email it to me at . I will respond with feedback as soon as possible after this has been done. If I do not receive work from you, Mrs Parkin will be calling home to ask why you haven’t done your work – so please make sure you email me regularly with photographs of your work!

I know that sometimes it is hard to understand the work without me going through it at the front of the class so I will try my very best to upload some helpful videos to help guide you through your work step-by-step. This won’t be for every lesson, but for ones where it is complex to understand, I will endeavour to upload a helpful video!

If any of you struggle with the work, please do not sit there for ages confused or getting upset, please do ask for help – whether this be from me, parents, big brothers and sisters, grandparents or anyone else who might be able to help! I understand parents will be busy working from home themselves and have work to do too and may not have the time to help you with your work so you are all very welcome to email me yourselves to ask for help. My email address is: . I will be logged in every day between 9am and 3.30pm to answer any questions you have and to offer any help or support.

Along with your packs, you will also be sent home your ukuleles! Your parents will have to sign a home-school agreement when they come to pick them up to agree you will take care of them while at home. Please be careful not to knock the tuning pegs at the end of the ukulele because neither I nor Mr Lupton will be there to re-tune them for you! If they do become out of tune, do not worry. Keep working on where to put your fingers on the strings and give it a go anyway so when we come back, you will all be expert ukulele players!

I hope you all keep well and stay safe. If there is anything you need, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always here and will help as much as I can.

Mrs Ingram


Class Teacher: Mrs Ingram

Teaching Assistant: Mr Meades

PPA Cover: Mrs Feeney


Welcome to Class 5!

 This year, your teacher is Mrs Ingram, your TA is Mr Meades and Mrs Feeney will take the class every Wednesday afternoon to cover PPA time. 

Due to Covid 19 there are a lot of changes to structure and routine at school. We have done everything possible to ensure school is as safe as possible and as such there are several rules that need to be kept to ensure we keep Covid secure. The safety of all children and staff is the main priority and so please read the instructions below for returning to school.

1.Drop off time 09:00 am

Please can your child enter school by walking down the drive and entering the yard at the side gate. Please can you send them unaccompanied down the drive and I will be there to meet your child at the allocated time. Please do not drop them off earlier, as times have been staggered throughout the school.

2.Pick up time 3:30 pm

Please can you pick your child up at 3:30 from the gate of the small yard. I will open up the door closest to our classroom near the entrance of school and dismiss them when I see whoever is picking up your child. Please be prompt as once again times have been staggered. The children have all been placed into bubbles and these need to be kept apart.

3. What do the children need to bring?

All children need to be wearing school uniform. They should bring with them a bag with their PE kit in; pencil case; water bottle; their packed lunch and also a snack for play times, as there will be no tuck shop. Children should not bring in toys of any description.

4. What will it be like in the classroom?

When the children enter the classroom they will be sitting in rows facing the front. They will not be in groups facing each other. On entering the room, the children will wash and sanitise their hands and will do so regularly throughout the day. Lessons will be taught as normal, but will consist of ‘catch up’ materials as well as the Year 5 curriculum.

5. What do I need to do if my child shows symptoms?

Common symptoms of Covid 19 are a high temperature, persistent cough or loss of taste or smell. If your child displays any of these symptoms, please notify school immediately and arrange for your child to be tested. Your child will need to stay at home for at least 10 days starting from the date when symptoms appeared, all other household members must stay at home for 14 days.

6. What work do the children need to do if isolating at home?

I have uploaded all the work we will be doing in class to our class one drive. If the children are off and well, please could you ensure they access the home learning material on the one drive and email the work to me so I can print it off and put it in their books. It is vital the children keep up with their class work, especially Maths and English as we are revising the Year 4 curriculum along side the Year 5 curriculum.

Click here for access to the home learning folder

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Mrs Ingram

Curriculum Overview | Furley Park Primary Academy

Here is a curriculum overview of what we will be looking at this coming term. We will recap all the basic skills from Year 4 to make sure the children haven’t missed any vital pieces of learning through the time we were off due to Covid-19,  while simultaneously working on our Year 5 objectives. 


In English this term, we will begin by looking at Older Literature. To fit in with our Victorian theme, we will be looking at Charles Dickens’ ‘Oliver Twist’ and ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty. We will be looking at both the book and film adaptations to view how characters and settings are portrayed and we will be creating our own Dickensian characters to put in a story of our own. We will progress to having a formal debate about workhouses and discuss whether they should be brought back in today’s society.

After half term, we will study the novel ‘The Nowhere Emporium’. Additionally, we will be looking at explanation texts and using what we have learned in Science to explain reversible and irreversible changes to materials. We will also be looking at poems with a variety of structures including limericks, haikus, kennings and creating our own river poems.



In Maths we will be covering all the objectives as set out by the new National Curriculum including working with Roman Numerals. We will be securing our multiplication facts through a maths challenge in which the children have to complete a grid of multiplications within a set time limit. This is to encourage fast recall of multiplications which will help the children with their mental maths skills. We will look at conversions between imperial and metric measurements as well as consolidating our knowledge of time.



In Science we will be looking at materials and their properties. We will be learning about reversible and irreversible changes to materials and understanding why. To help us we will be going to Longridge High School to conduct a variety of experiments.



In R.E. we will be looking at Jesus and his role as a teacher. We will learn how he taught people through his parables and will be looking at each of these parables and their meanings. We will complete the unit by creating our own ‘modern parable’. After half term we will look at ways to answer the question ‘Why do Christians believe Easter is a celebration of Victory?’ by looking at the Easter story and discussing what is meant by victory.



In our first topic of ‘We are Cryptographers’, the children will learn more about communicating information securely through an introduction to cryptography (the science of keeping communication and information secret). They investigate early methods of communicating over distances, learn about two early ciphers, and consider what makes a secure password. After half term, our focus of ‘We are Web Designers’ will see the children working together to create a website explaining online safety and responsible online behaviour.



In History we will be looking at the Victorians, specifically the role of children in the Victorian times. Relating this to our English work, we will look at life on the streets, in the workhouses and the different jobs children would have done in the Victorian age. To complete our topic and to consolidate our knowledge on the subject, we will have our Victorian Day where the Year 5 classroom will be transformed into a traditional Victorian classroom, complete with a blackboard and dunce’s cap! Children will come to school in Victorian clothing, answer to a Victorian name and will be expected to complete Victorian style school work. There will be traditional toys to play with during break time and it will be a day that won’t be forgotten. But children beware… there will also be a cane lurking in case of bad behaviour!


In Geography, the children will be investigating coasts. We will look at what coasts are and how they are formed. We will look at erosion of coasts and ways of preserving them as well as investigating different types of beaches. 


In our first term we will be looking at drawing portraits. We will be looking at existing portraits and creating our own self-portraits. In Design Technology we will be looking at cams and mechanisms. The children will look at Victorian style moving toys. They will create a design of their own and modernise the toy by attaching a motor to the mechanism, incorporating the use of pulleys and cams. 

Modern Foreign Language (MFL):

In  ‘La Nourriture’ the children will learn how to ask for food items, describe how to make a sandwich, express opinions about food and talk about whether a food is healthy or unhealthy. After half term we will look at ‘En Ville’ where we will learn the different places in a town, learn to ask for and give directions, giving the time and saying where we are going.


In PE and games we will be focusing on gymnastics and basketball. The children will be doing games outside so will need trainers and are permitted to wear tracksuit bottoms, especially as the colder weather approaches! 

General Information

Reading Books:

Due to Covid-19, reading books will only be changed by the class teacher or TA once a week. All returned books will be quarantined in class for 72 hours before being put back into circulation. If the children finish their school book, they are very much encouraged to read books from home. Whether it is a school book or a book from home, please write what they have been reading in their reading records so we can see how much reading they are doing out of class. It would be highly beneficial if you could try and hear your children read and discuss what they have read to check their understanding. 


Children will be following the No Nonsense Spelling scheme of work which does not require a weekly test. However, some weeks the children will be tested on their reading, spelling and understanding of words from the Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 spelling lists – a copy of which can be found on the school website.

Times Tables:

By Year 5, children are expected to know their times tables up to 12x. In Year 5 we regularly have times tables challenges in class as well as division challenges using their knowledge of multiplications. We will also be using Times Tables Rockstars for homework. If there are any times tables your children are unsure of, please encourage them to practice regularly. It really does make a difference in their Maths lessons if their multiplication and division knowledge is secure. 


Revoe Learning Academy

There will be no paper-based homework going home from school. However, the children will be given a task to complete at home ‘online.’ This may be a spelling activity, Maths challenge, or an activity from Purple Mash or Education City. The children will not be required to bring the finished item back to school. Homework can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

Click here for Year 5 Homework



Autumn Term:

2nd September 2020 –  Back to school

22nd October 20202 – Tempest Family and Individual Photographs

23rd October 2020 – School closes for half term

3rd November 2020 – Back to school

18th December 2020 – School closes for Christmas

Spring Term:

4th January 2021 – Back to school

12th February 2021 – School closes for half term

22nd February – Back to school

26th March – School closes for Easter

Summer Term

12th April – Back to school

3rd May – May Day bank holiday

27th May – School closes for half term

7th June – Back to school

16th July – School closes for Summer! 

Vibe Business Interiors - Project Award - Top Secret - Vibe Business  Interiors




Jamie Bond has been giving Class 5 top secret missions to investigate various forces in their Science lessons. They have helped him work out which surfaces generate the most friction and are therefore the least slippest when chasing the baddies and they have worked out how to speed up his parachute when descending so the baddies don’t get away! 

I wonder what their next mission will be?